Component: S-Video / Composite to USB Video Capture Cable Adapter w/ TWAIN and Mac Support
OS: Windows 7
Software: Patterson Eaglesoft 17


When a Dental Assistant tries to use Eaglesoft to take an Intra Oral picture, Windows throws an exception (blue screen BSOD).


Do the following to resolve this:

  • Use AMCAP.EXE and set the Video Input:
    1. Options -> Video Crossbar
    2. Drop down the input selection and choose SVideo
    3. Open Eaglesoft 17
    4. File -> Preferences X-Ray -> Click “Video”
    5. Set Capture Card = Standard Windows Driver Model Device
    6. Set Default Device = USB 2861 Video (or whatever the newer description would be)
    7. Select a patient, and go to “Advanced Imaging” to test the Intra Oral camera.
  • Reinstall the StarTech drivers.
    • Open Device Manager
    • Go to Sound, video and game controllers
    • If you see the “USB 2861 Drivers” open its properties, then Driver -> Update Driver
    • Browse my computer -> Point to the folder where the drivers are located (typically found on the server).