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Upgrade Amazon Lightsail Bitnami WordPress using All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

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One of the hardest problems with upgrading the Amazon Lightsail Bitnami WordPress is upgrading PHP. In this walkthrough, I’ve detailed the steps that I’ve taken to upgrade from an older Bitnami WP Lightsail to their latest image 🙂 Note the following:– This post is a work in progress and I will provide additional details continuously.– […]

Local WordPress Development

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About The purpose of this guide is to help you create a local WordPress development server on your laptop using Docker. Requirements You have Docker installed. You already know how to use Docker. Create a project folder that will contain all these files. This can be anywhere on your computer. Example: ~/Code/WordPress-Test Create MySQL Docker […]

WooCommerce Roles & Capabilities for Custom Shop Manager Role


One of my projects required me to create a new role based on the Shop Manager role provided by WooCommerce.  Essentially, I need to develop a custom plugin to disable many of the administrative functions provided by WordPress and use a Roles & Capabilities plugin to lock the Shop Manager to only WooCommerce. Roles & […]

Importing WordPress Media from Another WordPress Instance

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I have two similar WordPress instances.  One of the WordPress instances had a lot of work done to a single page that needed to be replicated to the other WordPress instance. Export Media from WordPress Instance The following are the steps in order to migrate the contents of that page to the other WordPress instance […]

IAHSP Europe

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We have a new website that I helped put together with my team.  We used WordPress, Angular 5, Google Cloud Functions, and AWS. I’m very proud of the work everyone did to help build such an awesome website.  I’m especially proud to be part of a global association for all Home Stagers across the world.

Disabling WooCommerce Reviews


One of the websites that I worked on requested to remove the WooCommerce Reviews.  You could use the mini-plugin that I’ve developed to help you take care of that: WooCommerce Remove Reviews To install the WooCommerce plugin, do the following: Go to the plugin URL: WooCommerce Remove Reviews Click the green button that says: Clone or […]

Adding WP Action & Filter Hooks

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There are two types of WP hooks that can be used to extend the abilities of WP functions. Filter Hooks The following will output “Hooked: Home” to the “the_title” WordPress function on every call to the function. add_filter(“the_title”, “dl_title”); function dl_title($title) { return “Hooked: ” . $title; } Important: This will always return something. Action […]