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Innovative Planning 4: Manage Projects Successfully

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I’ve just completed a Toastmasters speech on my level 4 project in the Pathway project: Manage Projects Successfully I’ve reported to my club on the current project status. I have that currently conveyed from the following handout: During my speech, I’ve covered the following: Project Phases Software Engineers involved. Theme template that will be used […]

Developing Creating Communicators Gatsby Website

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About the Project We’ve kick-started our programming for Toastmasters Creating Communicator’s new website! We’re developing the new website using GatsbyJS, a static site generator using React. Thank you to the following Software Engineers for helping our Toastmasters club enhance our current website. Gabriel Tumbaga, DevOps & Backend Engineer Derrick Leem, Lead Software Engineer Jeremy Billecci, […]

React HashRouter

Example code snippet on HashRouter from react-router-dom.  This routing alternative can be used on hosting services such as GitHub pages and other static hosting services. Implementation Import HashRouter: Example code that goes in render(): Here’s a link to my Gist if that doesn’t come out correctly. Drawbacks A collection of thoughts and issues I’ve found […]

Notes on React & ES6

There are two modes for development: Single Page Applications, Multi Page Applications Build Workflow Dependency Management Tool: npm or yarn Use Bundler: Webpack Compiler: Babel + Presets Use Development Server (Docker preferrably) Single Page Applications (SPA) For React 16, I like to scaffold a new project using the create-react-app CLI: npm install -g create-react-app Multiple […]