Cybersecurity Awareness: Hardware Two-Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity - 2FA - Presentation

This is a supplement to the presentation I have just given at Toastmasters. In this blog post I will provide the presentation and as well as the links mentioned from my speech. Have You Been Hacked? See if you have been hacked from Password Managers Below are Password Managers I’ve used. I have personally used […]

District 57 Speakers Bureau Website

Toastmasters District 57 Speakers Bureau

I am super excited to share with everyone the completion of the District 57 Speakers Bureau website. The final deployment of the website is all thanks to the District 57 Speakers Bureau committee members who have greatly contributed to the design and content. District 57 Speakers Bureau Website Our website is also featured on the […]

Graduated from Udacity AI for Trading

Udacity AI for Trading

Inspired by many of the algorithmic trading and capabilities of Machine Learning in the finance industry, I started a year ago at Udacity’s AI for Trading program. After many study sessions completed, I have finally completed the AI for Trading program 😀 I learned a lot about trading and also learned a lot in Machine […]

Toastmasters Pathways Persuasive Influence 5 Completion

Persuasive Influence - Certificate of Proficiency

I am so excited to share that I have finished the Toastmasters Pathways Persuasive Influence 5 journey 😊 My High Performance Leadership (HPL) project was to manage an Area Contest for B27. I needed to gain the appropriate stakeholders to help me succeed in running a great event. I am very grateful for all those […]

Toastmasters Division B 2022 Contest Lessons Learned

This past month has been a busy month for our Division at Toastmasters! We just completed our Division B contests (which includes all Area Contests). This post mostly serves as a lessons learned on running a Toastmasters contests. The lessons I have learned on running an effective Toastmasters Contest: Create a Google Sheet of all […]

Upgrade Amazon Lightsail Bitnami WordPress using All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

WordPress Banner

One of the hardest problems with upgrading the Amazon Lightsail Bitnami WordPress is upgrading PHP. In this walkthrough, I’ve detailed the steps that I’ve taken to upgrade from an older Bitnami WP Lightsail to their latest image 🙂 Note the following:– This post is a work in progress and I will provide additional details continuously.– […]

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (I PASSED!)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - Duane Leem

As of January 18, 2021 I am a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer! I scored much higher on my 2nd attempt. I attribute that to the following: My test environment is MUCH better. I moved to a new home and I had a guest room that I prepared a day before the test. Had a comfy […]