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AWS Lambda & API Gateway

The body response of Lambda must output a format that is acceptable to AWS API Gateway.  An example NodeJS code with the appropriate callback will ensure a successful 200 OK response: You can find more information from the sources below. Resolve “Malformed Lambda Proxy Response” Best Practices for Working with AWS Lambda

React HashRouter

Example code snippet on HashRouter from react-router-dom.  This routing alternative can be used on hosting services such as GitHub pages and other static hosting services. Implementation Import HashRouter: Example code that goes in render(): Here’s a link to my Gist if that doesn’t come out correctly. Drawbacks A collection of thoughts and issues I’ve found […]

Multiple AWS CLI Profiles

Work with multiple AWS sessions and get tired of switching accounts manually?  Use the following commands to automatically switch between AWS accounts! To use from your command prompt, here’s an example: I needed this functionality since I work with multiple AWS sessions.  The full documentation can be found on the links below. Configuring the AWS […]

IAHSP Europe

WordPress Banner

We have a new website that I helped put together with my team.  We used WordPress, Angular 5, Google Cloud Functions, and AWS. I’m very proud of the work everyone did to help build such an awesome website.  I’m especially proud to be part of a global association for all Home Stagers across the world.