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Graduated from Udacity AI for Trading

Udacity AI for Trading

Inspired by many of the algorithmic trading and capabilities of Machine Learning in the finance industry, I started a year ago at Udacity’s AI for Trading program. After many study sessions completed, I have finally completed the AI for Trading program 😀 I learned a lot about trading and also learned a lot in Machine […]

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (I PASSED!)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - Duane Leem

As of January 18, 2021 I am a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer! I scored much higher on my 2nd attempt. I attribute that to the following: My test environment is MUCH better. I moved to a new home and I had a guest room that I prepared a day before the test. Had a comfy […]

Certified ScrumMaster® – CSM®

Continuing on my commitment to continuously learn as a DevOps Engineer, I’ve re-certified my ScrumMaster certification with Scrum Alliance. I have used the knowledge attained from this training and experience to provide better iterations of tasks with my team. Because of the Agile approach of Scrum, I’ve completed many projects and helped many project stakeholders […]

Finished The Linux Foundation’s Kubernetes Training Program

The Linux Foundation - Kubernetes Training

After several months of training from The Linux Foundation, I finished their program 🙂 This training program has helped me learn more about Kubernetes and its components. I have several pods running in our production environment and by going through this program, it has given me more tools to help support my company that uses […]