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Adding WP Action & Filter Hooks

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There are two types of WP hooks that can be used to extend the abilities of WP functions. Filter Hooks The following will output “Hooked: Home” to the “the_title” WordPress function on every call to the function. add_filter(“the_title”, “dl_title”); function dl_title($title) { return “Hooked: ” . $title; } Important: This will always return something. Action […]

Notes on React & ES6

There are two modes for development: Single Page Applications, Multi Page Applications Build Workflow Dependency Management Tool: npm or yarn Use Bundler: Webpack Compiler: Babel + Presets Use Development Server (Docker preferrably) Single Page Applications (SPA) For React 16, I like to scaffold a new project using the create-react-app CLI: npm install -g create-react-app Multiple […]