Monthly Archives: November 2019

Amazon Linux 2, Apache 2.4, PHP 7.3

In this guide, I will explain the steps necessary to create an Amazon Linux 2 server with: Apache 2.4 PHP 7.3 Common PHP modules. No RDBMS (MySQL / MariaDB) – We won’t need that as you’re using RDS 🙂 Revision History 2019-11-25: mcrypt Installation Instructions 2019-11-24: Initial creation. Step 1: Follow AWS Guide on LAMP […]

Finished The Linux Foundation’s Kubernetes Training Program

The Linux Foundation - Kubernetes Training

After several months of training from The Linux Foundation, I finished their program 🙂 This training program has helped me learn more about Kubernetes and its components. I have several pods running in our production environment and by going through this program, it has given me more tools to help support my company that uses […]