AWS CLI Error using AWS CodeBuild

I’ve created a CI/CD implementation of building my Angular 4 applications on AWS S3.  Here’s one of my YAML configuration: version: 0.2 env: variables: S3_BUCKET: “s3-bucket-name” BUILD_ENV: “prod” CLOUDFRONT_ID: “EXX11223344” phases: install: commands: – echo Installing source NPM dependencies… # Need https driver. – sudo apt-get update -y – sudo apt-get install -y apt-transport-https # […]

Transpile issues using Yarn as the package manager.

While working on one of my Angular 4 apps, the transpiled output was displaying this on our production website that utilizes Docker NGINX:1.13 I’ve been using Yarn as my default package manager for many of my Angular web applications.  I’ve experimented several techniques, and ultimately found that if I used “npm install” instead of “yarn […]

Lazy loaded components can’t use parent components.

I’ve ran into an issue that I didn’t know about.  At first, I thought this particular issue is a bug.  It’s not but a feature of Angular 4. The Problem Lazy loaded components are unable to see parent-components that are already loaded. Solution We need to create a module that houses all the required components […]

Lag Using Dentrix G5 Chart

IT Support

Problem Users of Dentrix G5 complain that the chart module lags tremendously. Solution There are several possible solutions to remedying this.  Try the following: Edit Group Policy Editor to turn off Multicast: Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) -> Admin Templates -> Network -> DNS Client -> Turn off Multicast -> Enabled ipconfig /flushdns Delete Chart.Startup Rename […]

Update Ubuntu 14

The CLI process on updating Ubuntu 14: # Fetches the list of available updates. sudo apt-get update # Strictly upgrades the current packages. sudo apt-get upgrade # Installs updates for current Ubuntu release. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade Note: This does not upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu (such as Ubuntu 16). This updates your current […]

Nginx 400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port

Problem When viewing any of my sites using port 80, the following error appeared on non-SSL websites: Nginx 400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port Original server block: server { listen 80; listen 443; ssl on; ssl_certificate /path/to/cert/example.pem; ssl_certificate_key /path/to/cert/example.private.key; root /path/to/wordpress; index index.php; # Website URL server_name; # […]