Installing and Configuring Kubernetes with Docker on MacOS

Docker Containers

Install Kubernetes for MacOS Installing Kubernetes (K8S) with Docker installed on my machine caused an error: The connection to the server was refused – did you specify the right host or port? I tried the following: Installed manually via: curl -LO$(curl -s  Installed via Homebrew: brew install kubernetes-cli I found that installation of K8S can […]

WooCommerce Roles & Capabilities for Custom Shop Manager Role


One of my projects required me to create a new role based on the Shop Manager role provided by WooCommerce.  Essentially, I need to develop a custom plugin to disable many of the administrative functions provided by WordPress and use a Roles & Capabilities plugin to lock the Shop Manager to only WooCommerce. Roles & […]

Importing WordPress Media from Another WordPress Instance

WordPress Banner

I have two similar WordPress instances.  One of the WordPress instances had a lot of work done to a single page that needed to be replicated to the other WordPress instance. Export Media from WordPress Instance The following are the steps in order to migrate the contents of that page to the other WordPress instance […]

AWS Lambda & API Gateway

The body response of Lambda must output a format that is acceptable to AWS API Gateway.  An example NodeJS code with the appropriate callback will ensure a successful 200 OK response: You can find more information from the sources below. Resolve “Malformed Lambda Proxy Response” Best Practices for Working with AWS Lambda