Our New 2023 Word Weavers Officers

In my esteemed role as the Division B Director for Toastmasters District 57, I was bestowed the distinguished honor of inaugurating the new cadre of Club Officers for Word Weaver Toastmasters. This esteemed occasion marked the start of an exciting chapter in the club’s journey towards excellence.

  • President -Suzanne Yorkunas
  • VP Ed – Duayne Weiler
  • VP Membership – Vince Gregory
  • VP PR – Ana Boa-Ventura
  • Club Treasurer – Marc Ventura
  • SAA – Matt Zajek
  • Secretary – Paul Yearby

Word Weaver Toastmasters convenes both physically and digitally, embracing a hybrid meeting format. To learn more about their gatherings, I encourage you to explore their official website at:


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