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I’m excited to share that I passed the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification! I’ve spent many months watching videos, studying, and applying what I’ve learned. It’s such a blessing after seeing the results after a grueling 3-hour test.

I’ve learned so much during the process. The whole process has opened my mind on how I can improve my development processes and also applying solutions.

In this blog post, I will share to the best of my ability on how I studied and trained for this difficult exam.

Finding the Mission

I work with AWS every day and I wanted to go even further on how I scale my servers. I wanted to find more ways to save my organizations more money. Additionally, I want to automate deployment processes from various environments using AWS and find the best ways to protect my organizations from cyber attacks.

I felt the best way to do this was to certify my current knowledge and also learn more best practices. While I’ve been using AWS for many years, by undergoing the certification process, I felt I would go beyond what I currently know.

After becoming AWS DevOps certified, I’ve learned new tools and techniques to apply to my work. I feel it is such a huge gain in knowledge.

Experience as an AWS Administrator and Programmer

I’ve been using AWS since 2012 (estimating). I’ve also been using AWS in all my environments. I have many applications deployed to production.

This has helped me in passing the exam, but I felt the biggest contributing factors were because I’ve done large amount of hours doing personal projects and spending many hours/days in AWS.

If you’ve been deploying web applications to production for many years, you will need to go beyond your experience and also learn best practices to further improve your development process.

With a combination of my experience and also the grit I had in passing the exam, I’ve spent many days/hours dedicating myself to studying and applying.

Experience helps, but practicing and studying helped bridge the gap. It helped me learn new ways on using AWS.

Schedule the Exam

I felt the best way to push myself to ensure I am ready for the test was to set the exam schedule. I started studying for the AWS DevOps Professional Certification in early 2018. I was off and on but I started to go further in my studies in October 2018.

I knew I would aim to take the test before my AWS Developer Associate certification would expire (in February 2019). In December, I set my exam schedule on February 2019.

After setting that date, I put in even more time towards studying and applying what I’ve learned. If you are serious in getting certified, I highly suggest you set a date and commit to it. It will put further emphasis on your intent to study.

Find Support

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Study Schedule

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Use What You Learned

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Practice Exams

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Learning Resources

I used the following services to assist me in my professional training towards the certification:

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