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About the Project

We’ve kick-started our programming for Toastmasters Creating Communicator’s new website! We’re developing the new website using GatsbyJS, a static site generator using React.

Duane, Gabe, Derrick at Veranda on 20190630
Meetup at Veranda, Concord on 2019-06-30

Thank you to the following Software Engineers for helping our Toastmasters club enhance our current website.

Toastmasters Presentation of the Project

When: Tuesday, July 2
Location: 4501 Deer Valley Rd. Antioch, CA 94531
Room: Kaiser Permanente, Conference Room 1B or 1C

I will be doing a Toastmaster’s presentation on the project timeline and information on all who are involved in this project. Please visit Toastmasters Creating Communicator’s current homepage for details on location.

Project Timeline

The phases are divided by 4 project phases:

20190702 Project Timeframe

I’ll describe what each phases entail:

  1. Training & Coordination: Our software engineers will be getting up to speed with GatsbyJS.
  2. R&D Phase: We’ll be doing the actual programming in this phase and integrating all components together.
  3. Test Phase: Club members will be testing the newly developed application.
  4. Deployment: Once club members have submitted their feedback and all software bugs have been fixed, our DevOps Engineer will deploy the website and make it live.

Project Updates

As part of this project on my Toastmasters project, I need to also create project status reports in the form of blogs. Listed on the following are status updates pertaining to this project:

Project Links

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