Importing WordPress Media from Another WordPress Instance

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I have two similar WordPress instances.  One of the WordPress instances had a lot of work done to a single page that needed to be replicated to the other WordPress instance.

Export Media from WordPress Instance

The following are the steps in order to migrate the contents of that page to the other WordPress instance you have.  From the site you did heavy work from:

  • Copy the recent folder with the files you uploaded: /wp-content/2018/05
  • Go to: /wp-admin
  • Navigate to: Tools -> Export
  • Click: Media
  • Click: Download Export File

Import to Other WordPress Instance

On the WordPress instance you want to copy the contents to:

  • Upload this folder (/wp-content/2018/05) to the other WordPress instance at the same location.
    • Ensure you have the appropriate permissions to upload to the /wp-content folder. You can give SSH access by doing the following: chown -R ubuntu:www-data /wp-content
  • Navigate to: /wp-admin
  • Navigate to: Tools -> Import
  • Click: Run Importer
  • Click “Choose File” and select the XML that was exported earlier.

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