Toastmasters VP of Membership Training

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A heartfelt thank you for your active engagement in the Toastmasters District 57 Leadership Institute’s Vice President of Membership session! To facilitate your continued learning, we have curated and attached resources related to today’s discussion topics right here for your easy reference.

About the Toastmasters VP of Membership

Platforms & Tools

These are platforms you can use to interact with your potential members:

Membership Kits

Give the following to potential members.

Membership Communication

Membership Building Activities

Work with your VP of Education and Public Relations

Payment Providers

Typically the Treasurer processes the payments. However, you need to be able to offer the convenience of payments using modern payment method tools. I’ve listed several that can help you and your Treasurer.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

The following AI tools can help you build content for your role:

Additional Resources

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