WooCommerce Roles & Capabilities for Custom Shop Manager Role


One of my projects required me to create a new role based on the Shop Manager role provided by WooCommerce.  Essentially, I need to develop a custom plugin to disable many of the administrative functions provided by WordPress and use a Roles & Capabilities plugin to lock the Shop Manager to only WooCommerce.

Roles & Capabilities Plugin

I used the following plugin to help me manage the roles & capabilities of my WordPress permissions: Advanced Access Manager

Adding New Orders

Location: WooCommerce -> Orders -> Add Order

The following capability is required in order to manage shop orders

  • manage_woocommerce
    • This may give too much “admin” access so make sure to use Advanced Access Manager to further eliminate access you need.
  • edit_shop_orders
  • view_woocommerce_reports
  • edit_posts
    • This will give the user the ability to edit posts too (make sure to remove this from side & admin bar menu.

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