Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (I PASSED!)

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer - Duane Leem

As of January 18, 2021 I am a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer!

I scored much higher on my 2nd attempt. I attribute that to the following:

  • My test environment is MUCH better. I moved to a new home and I had a guest room that I prepared a day before the test. Had a comfy chair and all 🙂
  • I took the test at 9am in the morning. I did not have any interruptions at home compared to last time.
  • For a few months, I spent about 30 minutes to 1 hour each day on kubectl commands and documentation. 1 week before the test, I did an hour a day with imperative commands.
  • I made bookmarks to knowledge gaps I had with Kubernetes to the Kubernetes official documentation.
  • I have Kubernetes applications in production.

Resources I Used

I used the following materials that helped me with CKAD:

  • CKAD Exercises by dgkanatsios/CKAD-exercises
    • I did this, at minimum, 30 minutes a day for a couple of months.
    • You need a complete mastery of the kubectl without needing to look up commands often during the test.
  • Udemy CKAD with Tests by Mumshad Mannambeth
    • 3 months before my 2nd test attempt, I went back and watched several videos to revamp some of the knowledge gaps I still had with CKAD.
  • CKAD Labs by Mumshad Mannambeth
    • The Udemy course provided by Mumshad, he created labs to help aspiring CKAD professionals 🙂
    • I went through many of the labs and even revisited some of the labs to fill in my knowledge gaps.
    • There are some practice tests in here that can help you master the kubectl much more efficiently.
  • kubectl Cheat Sheet from Kubernetes Documentation
  • Kubectl Reference Docs from Kubernetes Documentation

1st Test Attempt

I’ve noted my previous attempt I did back in March 2021. Click Here to view the post.

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