MIT Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation

MIT Cloud & DevOps

I just received my certificate from MIT for completing their Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation program!

I am so excited to have learned tons from industry experts and with all the new ideas, I am especially excited to put them into practice.

MIT Professional Education – Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation

2 thoughts on “MIT Cloud & DevOps: Continuous Transformation

    • Duane Leem says:

      Hi Ali,

      MIT has taught me the tools, techniques, and applications behind DevOps in this digital transformation age.

      They gave us assignments that made use of several tools used by many DevOps Engineers. And if that wasn’t enough (which already provided a lot of value), you get to network with other top aspiring DevOps engineers.

      I was able to take away a lot of knew knowledge to bring back to my job and share with my team. It was a very fulfilling experience.

      ~ Duane

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