CKAD First Attempt


First Attempt

I failed the first CKAD attempt. I’ve noted here on some of the reasons why I failed and also what I can do on the 2nd round.

Contributing Reasons

I’m noting a few factors I felt contributed to this:

  • I usually code on my desk. However, for this exam, it didn’t meet the requirements. The table had to be clear of everything (an empty table).
    • I was asked to move to an area with an empty table.
    • The new location I had to move to was a coffee table and I had to kneel or cross my legs.
    • Throughout the entire certification I had 50%+ of my concentration eliminated due to discomfort.
  • The following topics I will need to reinforce. I’ve done them all the time in production, but given I only had 2 hours, I will need to think faster:
    • Network Policies
    • Using kubectl and exposing ports.
    • Less time looking at K8s documentation and more using kubectl -h or kubectl describe
  • Not enough practice. At minimum, I should be spending 1 hour a day purely on K8s practice questions that uses kubectl.

Next Attempt

On the next attempt, I plan to do the following before:

  • Find a location that won’t hinder my concentration. I felt this was the greatest issue I had.
  • Emphasize on the following as stated previously:
    • Network Policies
    • Using kubectl and exposing ports. Read documentation and videos hardening my understanding on:
      • kubectl run nginx –image=nginx –dry-run –restart=Never –port=80 -o yaml > nginx.po.yaml
      • kubectl expose deployment nginx –port=80
    • Less time looking at K8s documentation and more using kubectl -h or kubectl describe
  • Use kubectl api-resources
  • Get used to:
    • kubectl config set-context –current –namespace=foo
    • alias ll=’ls -alF’
  • Each day until the next attempt:


There were some knowledge gaps that I will need to work on. I felt my biggest issue was doing this in my living room. I had a sub-optimal experience having to move my setup to a coffee table.

My concentration was impacted and there was people on the phone in the background. On the next attempt, I will be doing some more practice on several areas and possibly go to a Hotel nearby to take the test.

Update: Passed CKAD

I past the CKAD on January 18, 2021. Click Here to see my latest post on some of my thoughts and lessons learned of the CKAD 2nd test.

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